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Residential Interiors

The game of residential interior is that it improves lives when done in a right manner, of course. The majority of people are not aware of the importance of residential interiors, but if you get this thing clicked perfectly, then you have empowered eye of each visitor. One of the primary goals of residential interiors is customized comfort and presentation. Decor Solutions - one of the top residential interior designers in Delhi, NCR will take care of everything.

We are one stop solution for the people who are looking to get the complete home Interior Designers service Chandigarh and more in an absolutely hassle-free manner. The array of our interior designing services ranges from estimation to execution and from completion to inspection. We pay full attention to every minor detail of designing in order to facilitate a proper face lift of your home interiors. This is the reason that we are regarded as a top residential interior decorator in India.

Dining Room Interior Design in Delhi, NCR, India:

An appealing interior designing of a dining room not only improves the elegance of the area, but also works to enhance the taste of the food. Therefore, to fulfill this objective, we work to incorporate exclusive decorative pieces in the dining room in conjunction with a perfect symmetry with a variety of textures and rich spicy colors.

Bedroom Interior Design in Delhi, NCR (Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad, Chandigarh):

A bedroom is a place where we escape to unwind ourselves from the daily exhaustion of life. Thus, this place must be pleasing to the eyes and satisfying the heart with exquisite interiors. We understand this integral need of the bedroom designing and hence, work accordingly to remodel the space as per your needs. We beautify the bedroom with exotic patterns, cool colors, catchy schemes and functional furniture & accessories.

Kitchen Interior Design in India to WOW forever:

We design the kitchen in a way that it looks modern and contemporary at the same time while being aesthetic and user friendly. Here also we lay a great hand through a wide array of designs, thus, making a complete use of a variety of colors, textures and styles which beautifully blended in a perfect harmony.
We at decor solutions not only help our clients with re-modeling or re-engineering the space of bedroom, dining room, kitchen and living area, but also the complete residential arena in an impeccably matchless way since we know the fact that an appealing home decoration satisfies the appetite of heart & please the desires of mind as well!

Living Room Interior Design in India:

We already know that the living room is where the family gathers and do chit-chat. Spending most of the time together is the best feeling and also this is the space where the family spends time catching up with relatives, neighbors, and friends. That is why opting for the best interior designer is utmost important if you want to showcase your house. Get the exposure with Decor Solutions - best home interior designers in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Chandigarh and more.